Nine comments on Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update to public on 17 August 2016 (China Standard Time about 2:30 a.m.), two weeks after the RTM of Windows 10 Anniversary Update for PC.

Some noticeable changes include:

  • Typing Cortana, iPhone and other proper nouns with Chinese full-keyboard IME no longer causes the IME to crash (it caused the whole system to crash in Windows 10 RTM build 10240, when Lumia 950 XL first came out);
  • Typing special words like 二伯 with Chinese 12-key IME no longer causes the IME or the system to crash;
  • The IME/keyboard can still crash for some reason, you can tell that the keyboard must have crashed once since the system boot by looking for the cursor locator - if it is gone, your keyboard must have crashed once since the system boot;
  • Now you can hold where Back button was on the lock screen to launch Camera (the Back button now becomes the Camera button);
  • Notification & action centre is better crafted, the layout is isomorphic with that on PC;
  • The small tile now uses a larger icon, making it a bit unbalanced with big tiles;
  • Microsoft Edge uses a higher version of EdgeHTML, InPrivate is directly accessible on the app bar of tabs view, you can go forward with an app bar menu item in Microsoft Edge, and finally the return of swipe to back/forward;
  • Cortana now synchs your notifications with Windows 10 with Anniversary Update for PC;
  • Cortana no longer asks you to unlock your device after you create a reminder under lock screen; however, if you ask her to open an app, she will prompt you to unlock the screen but will not launch the app after the screen is unlocked;
  • You can now wirelessly project to Windows 10 with Anniversary Update for PC (with Connect app on PC), mirror or Continuum; with Windows 10 with Anniversary Update for PC and Windows 10 with November Update for Mobile, you cannot use mirror mode; still, you cannot gain touch input from wireless projection receiver;
  • Now you can manually activate touch keyboard in Continuum app;
  • Settings app is more crafted, isomorphic to that on PC;
  • Glance screen, navigation bar settings are available inside Settings app - you don’t have to go to Extras;
  • Settings > Lock screen no longer shows the placeholder value of setting entries - it now uses a progressing ring to prevent accidental change before the settings are retrieved asynchronously;
  • You can add photos to Cortana reminders;
  • Emoji gets font update; the 魔性的 (perhaps creepy in English) moon face emoji seems to be not that 魔性的;
  • Clipboard API seems to be not-that-broken;
  • You can hear the sound of lock when the screen times out (formerly this happens only when you manually dismiss the screen, but now even the device is already locked, you hear the sound when screen times out);
  • Recent apps list now shows at most 4 screens (16 apps); prior to this it was 2 screens (8 apps);
  • ...

The list is obviously not complete.

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