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Don’t risk losing your purchased music by using Groove Music to store them

Groove Music allows the user to store their music collection, including songs available via Music Pass subscription, those purchased from the Store, those stored on your OneDrive and those stored locally. This gives the users false impression that purchased music are secured by Microsoft’s service so they’re never lost.



Windows PowerShell 的二进制管道

PowerShell 在众 shell 中最突出的特色就是面向对象;然而,世界上还有很多命名是专为字节流管道设计的(兼容性大坑)。PowerShell 对待字节流管道那是十分 nasty!我写的这个小工具可以在对象和字节流之间做完美的润滑。

Closing Windows Store apps

Learn the meaning of different gestures, buttons and hotkeys to ‘close’ Windows Store apps. And you have to learn it by heart like French conjugation.

Closing Windows Store apps