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PowerShell 6.1.0 (preview) messes verbs of directories, causing Previous Versions to open previous verions of a directory in PowerShell

Issue #6799 in PowerShell repository on GitHub raises the question why Previous Versions is opening previous versions of a directory in PowerShell, instead of File Explorer as expected. The reason is that PowerShell 6.1.0 (preview) installer creates a context menu to open the shell on any folder. However, it unfortunately names the verbs as open/runas, which is very dangerous since they are canonical and do not make much sense for a folder. Related is issue #7815, where shortcuts to a folder are opened in PowerShell.

Outlook 2016 GUI creates an appointment with extraneous attendee, causing and Outlook for iOS to show it as a meeting

Outlook 2016 GUI always creates an event with at least one attendee, which makes and Outlook for iOS have difficulty correctly interpreting the appointment. Instead, they think it is a meeting. However, if you create the event with Outlook object model, there is a good chance the event is created neatly. In addition, events created on or in Outlook for iOS are always neat.